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Nezur Executor

The greatest method for ROBLOX cheating. Nezur's Executor features—aimlock, triggerbot, spoofer, and aimbot—are all fully undetected.

What is Nezur Executor?

About Nezur Executor

Nezur is a Windows script executor for Roblox that was just published. Nezur's greatest feature is that it is completely free and can be used to get around Byfron and other Roblox anti-cheat systems. Also it is AI based, taht give you a really powerful tool, better than any other executors. Following Nezur's official release, many players have been looking for instructions on how to download and set it up on a computer. You can do it on our website, with full guide, step by step.

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Nezur Executor


Is it safe to use Nezur Executor?

Yes, it is absolutely safe. Be aware that Nezur executor installation and usage varies slightly from other Roblox exploits, thus you may be experiencing installation issues on your device. If so, don't worry; we've created a detailed tutorial that will show you how to download, install, and use it to get around restrictions in Roblox games.

What is the difference in comparison with others Roblox Executors?

Compared to aimmy, we have a lot more features, a much better AI, and a far better triggerbot. Our aimbot may be set to operate automatically and is accurate, never missing a shot. Our triggerbot will automatically reload your weapon and fire when it detects a huminoid.

Is this compatible with the mobile version of the Roblox game?

No, Nezur Executor currently works only on Windows devices. Await for future updates where support for mobile devices and web version will be added. For mobile version of Roblox you can use famous Delta Executor or Vega X.